• Payments accepted via
  • PayPal: galaxysportsbreaks@gmail.com

    Or Via

    Pay I.D: +61410755535

  • What is a Razz???
  • A Razz is basically a Raffles where there are tiers main, mini and micros... a good way to sell a specific card of value all while giving people a chance at a high price item for a very cheap price.We do run Razzes and Raffles for our members at a 10% fee. We prefer to Razz Graded cards as there condition is already determined.We will transfer the funds to you once the person who won the item receives it in the mail. This ensure there are no issues with cards and payments not being sent or received to the appropriate person.

  • Break Rules
  • a. All our breaks will use www.random.org to generate the teams and participants

    b. Each participant chooses a empty slot numbers between 1 – 30 in order of purchase.

    c. Participants will be listed in the discription section next to the corresponding number they choose.

    d. The 30 teams will be randomised between 2 and 12 times, the exactnumber being determined by one (1) roll of (2) dic

    e. The 30 NBA teams will be randomized the same amount of times as the dice roll, ranking the teams from #1 to #30 e. The randomised team order is then placed against the break participants assigned order of entry.

    Example if the Bulls after the randomisation landed on slot #5 then the participants that purchased slot #5 will have the Bulls as there team for the break.

  • Delivery information
  • We will usually mail your cards within 3 business days of each break. price for standard postage is included in the breaks. however if you end up with a large number of cards we will charge a extra $9 for shipping We will often consolidate packages for participants who purchase multiple break spots within a short period. Example, a customer who participated in a few breaks between in one week, may have all their cards sent in one package at the end of the week. We will use their discretion when to consolidate break packages.

  • What we Expect
  • We encourage everyone to participate in the live chat. Respectful behaviour at all times is expected. Poor behaviour, including offensive language, will not be tolerated. Our breaks are watched by collectors all ages and experiences, as well as families, including children. We may suspend or ban anyone who fails to respect participants or uses offensive language. Any question please feel free to contact one of our Admin or Moderators and we will be happy to assist.